I’m sorry I haven’t been a very active blogger as of yet, blame school work for that one – it feels A levels are taking over my life. Despite my recent neglect of my blog, I hope to soon update it with tales of my upcoming holiday to Seoul. 7 days and counting now. Any tips and recommendations on Seoul musts would be much greatly appreciated.

Great Modern Philosophers


Daniel Lee, aka Tablo, and Tyler Knott Gregson. My favourite modern philosophers. Who knew that words could have such a profound impact on life and could make you question so many aspects of the world surrounding us and the emotions we experience. As I get older, I find myself relating to more and more of the captivating trains of thought that people express in many different forms and I find myself wanting to seek more. If you haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend Knott Gregson’s “Typewriter Series #667″ poem enough. The masterful use of language is so thought provoking and clever that I read it many a time and still couldn’t fathom how such a beautiful piece of writing could even be created.


If anyone has any recommendations of other quotes, poems or even songs that are so poignant you just can’t stop thinking about them, I would love to hear them.

Song of the Week – The Day Before by Nell


This song always makes me reflect on the struggles we go through as average human beings as well as the value of life and friendship. This touching song and video bring tears to my eyes without fail every time and the symbolism used is extremely well thought out. If you want to know more, google the meaning behind the song and it’s accompanying video; it’s well worth a read.