A late night dabble…


I’ve been lying in bed for a while now, trying to sleep but so far I’ve been massively unsuccessful as I’m sure you can tell so I decided to try writing some very fitting poetry to help tire me out so here goes.

Disclaimer – I love poetry but that doesn’t mean I’m good at writing it. Alas, another skill I wish I could master.


My body lays down to rest,
thoughts a most unwelcome guest,
solace seeking I close heavy lids,
ribs elevate, gentle breath skids,
past languid lips and torpid tongue,
I try to shut down my iron lung,
detaching myself from battery power,
as time approaches the new day hour.
New dreams knocking at my door,
waiting for the sound of the first snore,
before they get to work for the night,
planting ideas and fabricating plight,
but yet my mind is a bustling cell,
too raucous for fatigue to quell,
despite the absence of a crowd,
still the silence remains too loud.


Love and Marriage: a utopian fantasy or a realistic prospect?


“I do”. To some, the two most significant words they will ever hear. Many people dream of the ‘big day’, with all the white and the wine and even a little weeping too, as them and the person that they wish to spend the rest of their life with profess their love in the eyes of the law to cement their everlasting bond. However, in modern society where, in England and Wales, 41% of marriages end in divorce (ONS, 2012), is the ‘happily-ever-after’ dream of married life, merely an unachievable fairytale?


Well, to me, anyway.

Being the tender age of 17, and, for obvious reasons, not yet married, you may call me naive for thinking so but I think I have a strong case in my favour. Understandably, not all marriages last and this can be as a result of a multitude of different things, however to me, this is often because the couple is not the right match. As a self confessed romantic, I’m a firm believer in the old Chinese legend of the ‘red string of fate’. This idea expresses that two people who are destined to be together, are connected by an invisible thread that may be tangled and stretched but will remain unbroken. The ‘red string of fate’ concept resonated with me because I think that, even if you don’t necessarily find them during your lifetime, there is ‘the one’ out there for everyone – some are lucky enough to find them, some not. If you do meet said person, I feel the possibility of a successful marriage is high.

This person may not be your ideal type, they may not be a Gosling, Garfield or Gomez, but they’ll have that something; that ‘je ne sais quoi’. They’ll have you staying up all night thinking about the way they say your name, the way they walk, the little creases that grace the corner of their eyes when they laugh. They’ll mystify, intrigue, confuse and captivate with their very presence and before you know it, you’re stuck in a dark, scary whirlwind they call love, and when this love stands strong despite the flaws in both parties, you have the makings of a good relationship.

Take my parents for example, they’ve had the lows and highs, my mom has put up with my dad’s inability to be punctual and my dad has put up with my mom’s obsession with cleanliness and order, they’ve had fights all the way from light banter to world war 3, yet through all of this they’ve stayed together and are as much in love as they were in the ’80s when they met. You may ask, ‘what is their secret?’, and from my point of view, it’s compromise. It may sound a little cliche but for a relationship to work, people have to accept that they aren’t always right and, even if they think they are, they should be able to sacrifice things as that other person should for them.

As for myself, I am yet to experience the feeling of falling in love but even the mention of it, sends me into a dreamlike trance and the optimist in me tells me that it’ll happen some day, whether it be in ten days or ten years. And then when I think of finding ‘the one’, I start thinking about a wedding and my life as someone’s wife and I can’t help but get a little bit too excited…and I may then find myself looking at Marchesa wedding gowns… A girl can dream, right? Anyway, as per usual, I digress. To end, I hope that my experiences in the future will prove me right and I hope that you will find happiness and love in the years to come.

This post may be a little all over the place but I guess that’s a reflection of my thoughts and I hope that it at least has sparked a few branches of thought in a least one person.

Any comments, thoughts and questions are much appreciated.

Yours truly,
The Oksi-moron.

P.S I’ll leave you with a few pieces from Tyler Knott Gregson that make me hopeful that true love exists.





Long time no see my few but precious readers. It’s been about five months since I last made a post and in all honesty, I’ve had a lot going on to keep me occupied in that time. As well as saying that I’m back, I thought I’d give a bit of an update on myself.

When I last posted, I was preparing for my trip to Seoul, South Korea and I have to say, apart from catching chicken pox, it was an amazing experience that I can safely say I’ll never forget. I’ll write a little more about that in another post to save me from digressing here…and getting a little too excited about food. Upon return, it was straight back to work for my AS exams that I took in the summer term. Not only did I have the stress of tests, but I also had my driving test which I thankfully passed first time. During my summer holiday, I attended a camp which opened my eyes to religion in a new light and made me think in depth about my own faith and how I live my life. I guess in the past five months I’ve become a little older and wiser – you’ll just have to trust me on the latter of the two.
I’ve recently begun my last year of sixth form having recently received my AS results and I’ll be taking politics, geography and biology at A2, with the aim of studying environmental science at university.

As I did last time, I’d like to apologise for my absence and I hope that this time I can do a better job of being a regular blogger. I have a lot of thoughts to share, it’s just a case of having the time to sit and write freely, which is easier said than done when I have to juggle my job and my education. I’ll do my best to set some time aside every so often to update you all and hopefully start a few branches of thought in your minds.

Yours truly,
The Oksi-moron.

P.S it’s my 18th birthday soon and any amusing comments about things you can do as an adult would be much appreciated.



I’m sorry I haven’t been a very active blogger as of yet, blame school work for that one – it feels A levels are taking over my life. Despite my recent neglect of my blog, I hope to soon update it with tales of my upcoming holiday to Seoul. 7 days and counting now. Any tips and recommendations on Seoul musts would be much greatly appreciated.

Great Modern Philosophers


Daniel Lee, aka Tablo, and Tyler Knott Gregson. My favourite modern philosophers. Who knew that words could have such a profound impact on life and could make you question so many aspects of the world surrounding us and the emotions we experience. As I get older, I find myself relating to more and more of the captivating trains of thought that people express in many different forms and I find myself wanting to seek more. If you haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend Knott Gregson’s “Typewriter Series #667” poem enough. The masterful use of language is so thought provoking and clever that I read it many a time and still couldn’t fathom how such a beautiful piece of writing could even be created.


If anyone has any recommendations of other quotes, poems or even songs that are so poignant you just can’t stop thinking about them, I would love to hear them.